We love to inspire and motivate others

99 Lessons Learned is about inspiring, motivating, weird and sometimes life-changing lessons my wife and I learned over the years.

We want to really inspire people with our lessons. Marina’s book, 99 Lessons Learned from Man’s Best Friend, is all about the lessons she learned from her dogs over her life so far, and what we, as humans, can learn from them.

My book, 99 Lessons Learned from Living in Japan, is all about the lessons I learned from living in Japan, as different a country as I have ever lived in.

It will help anybody visiting the country to know what they are letting themselves in for.

Marina has already finished her next book and I am working on my second book.

Our aim is to provide really great advice in a fun and humorous, yet deep and catchy way, so that people can be psyched up about the various topics we write about.

Keep on feeding and nourishing the soil… It is just a matter of  time for your growth and fruit bearing to be noticed.

– Marina Kotzé –

Nora Roberts No avatar Writer
" Marina and Louis are such positive and wise people – learned so much from them "
E L James No avatar Writer
" I really enjoyed reading their books and learned so much from their experiences. "
Diana Gabaldon No avatar Speaker
" Reading their books is a must - really funny but contains a lot of wisdom. "