99 Lessons Learned from Man's Best Friend

Are you looking for something to put a smile on your face?

Getting a smile on your face is EXACTLY what you will get from reading 99 Lessons Learned from Man's Best Friend!

You will find one original lesson only per page, which makes it super easy, quick and user-friendly to read.

Each lesson is mostly only one sentence long. The lessons are catchy and will remind you once again of why you love your pup so much!

So, if you are a fan of your goofy fur friend and all the joy they add to your life, then 99 Lessons Learned from Man's Best Friend is an absolute must for you!

Page by page, lesson by lesson, you will be reminded of why they are famously known, indeed, as man's best friend!

Here is how you can help the people of Japan

Since the beginning of July this year, Japan has experienced extreme flooding, landslides and now heat waves through the country that have claimed the lives of hundreds of people, and tens of thousands were rushed to hospital due to suspected heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

We here at 99 Lessons Learned are deeply touched by the tragic events and know many people there. We therefore show our support to the Red Cross Society in Japan by having a link on this page where anyone can make a donation of their choosing to help those affected.