99 Lessons Learned From Living In Japan

Discover the awesomeness that is Japan!

Imagine sitting on a chair in a beautiful park. The leaves are all the colours of the rainbow. There is a gentle breeze blowing. On the horizon, you can see Mount Fuji, the biggest mountain in Japan. You are trying out a wasabi-flavored ice cream, and you do not want to go anywhere...not today!

This is the wonderful world I will take you to in my eBook, 99 Lessons Learned from Living in Japan. You will read all about the amazing, and sometimes crazy, lessons I learned there, from tasting the best sushi in the world, learning how to eat with chopsticks, exploring the thousands of temples and shrines on foot, to seeing and trying out their amazing technology, going on train trip with the shinkansen or bullet train at over 200 km/h, or eating a plum-flavoured Kit Kat chocolate!

It is, however, the people there that will leave the biggest impression. They are friendly, helpful, fun (try going karaoke with them one night!), and they will really go out of their way to make you feel at home. But I would advise learning a little Japanese beforehand, or at least taking a pocket guide with you so you can tell the taxi driver where you want to go, as many of them only speak Japanese, with just a tiny bit of English. Don't let this stop you, though! You will miss out on one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have! So, grab a copy of my book, go on my journey with me, and discover the awesomeness that is Japan!

Here is how you can help the people of Japan

Since the beginning of July this year, Japan has experienced extreme flooding, landslides and now heat waves through the country that have claimed the lives of hundreds of people, and tens of thousands were rushed to hospital due to suspected heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

We here at 99 Lessons Learned are deeply touched by the tragic events and know many people there. We therefore show our support to the Red Cross Society in Japan by having a link on this page where anyone can make a donation of their choosing to help those affected.